Interior Design
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Interior Design


Bring the OM back in your home

Interior Design
About This Project

Often times people don’t realize how much our surroundings can affect the mind and body. For The Fierce Group project, I’ll focus on 4 things that will infuse your space with more beauty and comfort.


Every home is different. Listening to the client is the key for me to create personalized spaces for different personalities. I will communicate with you to get to know your needs and habits, then talk to you about some suggestions or ideas I can recommend.


Natural lighting can not only make a space more energy efficient but also improve human comfort and healing. We’ll look at ways to manipulate natural light based on the location and function of the makeover space.


Elements like plants and water features can provide focal points in a space, visually add more layers and clean the air. Sometimes we can change the flow of a space by simply placing natural elements around the room, making a connection between the interior and the exterior.


Natural materials like wood, wool, and bamboo are more sustainable than conventional materials. They can reduce toxic chemical compounds in a space. Replacing your daily use items with natural material items will increase your connection with nature and make you feel healthier.