Hair Stylist
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Hair Stylist

Hair Stylist
About This Project

There are many techniques for cutting short or long hair.

The shape of the face is very important in determining the right cut.

For women with round shaped faces, the bob is a great cut that suits the face perfectly. How the cut frames the face can also give a more elegant look.

Women with diamond shaped faces need to balance a narrow chin and minimize wider cheekbones so the cut should be a short-overall length.

Women with oval shaped faces look better with a short pixie cut. The pixie cut should be layered throughout and have a wispy bang.

Hairstyles with straight across bangs will also work to shorten long faces, as will side parts.

As women age it is best to cut the hair short as this will help eliminate heaviness and bangs certainly give a more youthful appearance. Short hair can also be more easily maintained.

When blow-drying the hair it is important to blow in the direction that the hair grows to help maintain healthy hair follicles and minimize any cowlicks.

Remember it’s always wise to have a consultation before any hairstyling service.