Nicola Salky-Johnson
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Nicola Salky-Johnson

Our Fashion Stylist

Nicola Salky-Johnson (Nicky)

Retail Buyer, Stylist & Entrepreneur

At heart, I always have this question, how can I give back and uplift others? As a women’s retail buyer, fashion stylist and business owner, I have enthusiasm and passion for making others feel special and look great.

I now have the privilege to be a part of this charitable makeover group FIERCE. I have the opportunity to dress and style individuals with cancer and lift their spirits by showing, and reminding them, they are beautiful, strong, confident, determined, loving and loved.

My mother was diagnosed with and passed away from brain cancer in 2012. At the time our main focus was spending as much time with her as possible. There was no room to think about “who can we contact to give her that extra hope and inspiration”. Knowing that the FIERCE Group is available for patients in need of some extra special attention during a very difficult time uplifts me. I am blessed to be a part of the FIERCE Group.

Pink Pepper’s Mission



The Pink Pepper woman dresses for all occasions from the girly, cute, feminine casual wear (“Pink”), to the sexy, sophisticated, spicy and bold wear (“Pepper”).

Pink Pepper’s mission is to provide clients an unparalleled styling experience that embodies sophistication, uniqueness, quality, and enjoyment. It’s about styling individuals’ based on their personality and bringing out their beauty, confidence, inner radiance and bold assurance. Dressing in their own unique sense of style, they can embrace their true self, be uplifted, and inspire others.

Pink Pepper serves woman by creating well-edited styles and brand assortments that focuses on fashion essentials to match clients’ needs and desires. Women gain knowledge, on the science of styling themselves for their body type, the best colors for them, and are shown how to emphasize certain features and camouflage others. This assists them in creating their own personal style while shopping and building their wardrobe.

Nicky’s Bio

In brief, Nicky has over 14 years experience in the fashion industry. Her fashion experience includes managing and buying for couture houses such as Prada and Christian Dior and opening her own boutique, Pink Pepper.

At Pink Pepper, her main focus was on styling customers and buying unique brands at price points that were appealing. After 6 years of running the boutique, Nicky closed to pursue other ventures. She remains focused and dedicated to working with clients to bring out the “Pink” & “Pepper” of their personality.

Prior to Nicky’s fashion career, she spent 10 years in the accounting and financial industry. She ended her career as a financial auditor, leaving one of the largest CPA firms in the world, PricewaterhouseCoopers, LLP, to pursue her dream of obtaining a Fashion Merchandising Degree from FIT (“the Fashion Institute of Technology). Since then, she has stayed true to her passion for creativity, fashion buying, styling and interaction with people.