About Me
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Karen Cirillo-Tomapat

Our Hostess

Born and raised in Brooklyn, Karen Cirillo-Tomapat has been living in Orange County, NY for the past 25 years. She is the proud mom of two beautiful children, plus stepchildren and a granddaughter, each of them healthy, successful and pursuing their own futures!


When Karen’s youngest was only 3 weeks old, Karen met Linda Marvin, a consultant with a national cosmetics company, who changed her life forever. Karen eventually went on to become a Senior Sales Director with this same cosmetics company. Seeing the positive impact on the lives of the women she served in finding just the right products to bring out their own inner beauty was always uplifting in a more profound way than one might think.


Through these many years and countless lives touched, Karen believes, now more than ever, that one’s appearance should never be a superficial consideration but rather one that might be mysteriously and profoundly impactful. Even when faced with life’s challenges, we need to be able to look in the mirror and see our strong, positive selves reflected back at us.  Taking pride in who we are and how we look is so very important; yet many of us don’t take the time to praise ourselves as often as we should.  Karen also learned that she could share this zest through her smile and wit to others who need to be uplifted.   She enjoys all types of crossword puzzles and word games, so she is sure to keep you entertained with her knowledge of little known facts and grammar tips!


Karen’s mission has been to make every woman feel important and she does a beautiful job of it! The Fierce Group is lucky to have all its many talented contributors and Karen as its official hostess, makes it all the more joyful!