About Me
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Di W George

Our Interior Designer

Di W George was born and raised in China, came to the US in 2006. She has a Bachelor’s degree in Architecture from Wentworth Institute of Technology and a Masters of Architecture degree from University of Pennsylvania.

Di has always been enthusiastic about art since early childhood and received professional art training for 5+ years before coming to the US. She has won numerous national and state art awards during her time at high school in Maine. Her background and training has giving her an unique perspective on design and architecture.

Di believes that good design requires a harmonious relationship between aesthetic and function, man and nature. Good space making is a multidisciplinary craft, which is why Di has been involved in a variety of projects ranging from urban design and architecture to interior design and product design.

Throughout Di’s travels and experiences in the past few years, she became especially interested in green design, building technology and digital fabrication. She strongly believes that smart design can be a crucial tool to solving everyday life problems, a well thought out space can not only offer solutions to physical issues like light and air but it can also inspire the mind which in turn improve quality of life.

I am honored and thrilled to be a part of the FIERCE group, my design philosophy have a lot in common with the FIERCE group’s “mind body spirit” approach, I think the collaboration between these diverse professions will surely help those in need and hopefully inspire others to be FIERCE!