Daniel Wasinger
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Daniel Wasinger

Our Fine Artist and Designer

Native Buffalonian artist and designer, Daniel Wasinger, graduated from State University College at Buffalo with a B.A. Degree in Art and a B.S. Degree in Graphic Design.

Upon completing his studies, he exhibited at the Albright-Knox Art Gallery and other galleries throughout Western New York. After moving to Fort Lauderdale in 2003, Daniel became influenced by the natural beauty so prevalent in the state and began several new Nature Series. He has also won awards in local art and design competitions.

Wasinger believes that art must evoke emotional responses and reactions through one’s work, however subtle. He incorporates feelings of a natural earthiness, vulnerability, and sinewy qualities into his work. His use of strong, arbitrary colors defines his philosophy and emotions through his arresting vivid imagery. Daniel seeks to convey the true character of each work until it absorbs a life of its own.

In addition, over the past two decades, he held a variety of fundraising events, selling his fine artwork to benefit a number of charities.

Then, something happened. Wasinger had a new source of motivation behind him and that would come to be silk, scarves, and cancer.

Daniel’s mother, Elizabeth, succumbed to breast cancer. She was a strong person, however, she suffered a long and arduous battle. While he was developing his fine art website, he learned that his mother’s sister, Pat, was also diagnosed with breast cancer. At that point, a tribute was born and an art evolution ensued.

One day, Wasinger was holding silk fabric in his hands and realized how delicate, yet strong it was (very much like his mother). It was at that point when he thought that merging natural silk with images of his own paintings would best represent his feelings at this difficult time.

Based on his fine art paintings, he brought his interpretations of the elements of nature and transformed them into silk scarves. After receiving special requests, he decided to create a special series of wearable art…with a special purpose. Daniel developed a series of Limited Edition, signed and authenticated silk scarves. The purpose of this special collection is to raise funds for a variety of breast cancer awareness associations and groups. Being such an important cause, Wasinger believes that offering support is crucial to finding a cure.

Daniel is honored to have been invited to be a member of The Fierce Group. Together, this team can help make a positive change in someone’s life!

What Daniel offers is Wearable Art! Transferring his original paintings to scarves offers a joyful expression of fashion unconfined, like a woman’s true spirit. These wearable works of art, naturally enliven like a spring field erupting with colors, from soft, subtle, soothing colors to bold, energized, explosive, bursts!

Daniel’s scarves will help you ‘frame’ and celebrate the masterpiece that you are!


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