About Me
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Barbara George

Our Life Coach

My Personal Story:

My commitment to help find a cure for cancer and offer emotional support to those diagnosed with the disease began in 2008 when my mother was diagnosed with stage four breast cancer. Prior to that day, my mother was the strongest woman I had ever known. Beautiful in mind, body and spirit and she possessed a dogged ferocity, always making her way through life’s challenges, preferring joy over anger, as she forged her way to a successful career and never skipped a chance to care for her four children.

But when this terrible news was delivered, my Unsinkable Molly Brown and I, found ourselves lost in what seemed like an endless sea and sinking fast…It took us more than a while to catch our breath! But eventually we did and then we got busy making lemonade out of that bushel of lemons life had just delivered.

Experiencing just how devastating this diagnoses was, made me realize how important it is to offer support through a holistic approach to everyone, whether they appeared weak or strong. We all need one another and when one of us is hurt we all feel the loss.


A stitch in time! The Fierce Group is committed to intervening in a timely fashion with holistic support, from a variety of directions to ensure that the mind, body and spirit are well fortified  – an effort that reminds us all just how FIERCE we can be together.

Cancer is not the only thing that can devastate us, but The Fierce Group has cancer in the crosshairs!